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Ocean Freight The Ocean Freight function interacts with the Tandem Global Logistics Network in the handling and carriage of sea freight. It is within the longstanding, network partnerships that clients experience timely shipment data transmission and cargo visibility. The worldwide reach of the network encompasses seventy-five countries. Increasing CH Powell investment in the network will have the ocean division be the beneficiary of further global connection in the form of greater door-to-door control of freight and in shipment data sharing on common IT operating systems at origin and destination.

Priority Vessel BookingsTandem Global Logistics negotiates its own service contracts with ocean carriers and thereby offers clients competitive ocean freight rates. Top-down efforts concentrate booking support on selected carriers to maximize buying power and influence. Ocean Freight space and equipment issues are by nature local, trade lane specific, and seasonal. Relationships are forged with carriers’ sales and equipment departments at the port level to ensure that customer-favorable commitments are met.

LCL Consolidation – Five regionally based container freight stations serve as the core U.S. consolidation and devanning points. The process for minimizing cargo damage actually starts before the shipment leaves the origin factory. At both ends of the carriage commitment, we provide experienced, reliable handling and detailed outturn reporting including container seal record. Ocean transport trade lane volume building is done through targeted sales with network partners. Success has meant guaranteed sailings, rapid CFS through-put, and economical freight pricing for customers.

Distribution – Centers are strategically located at our Boston, Atlanta, Chicago, and Los Angeles facilities. For distribution customers, a lot-based inventory tracking program allows shipment viewing at the item (part number/SKU) level. Pick tickets can be activated online. Display of item number, order receipt, order balance, and order shipment expedite handling flow.