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Value is unleashed where technology engages people and process. Through our in-house development team and top-tier partners, CH Powell’s technology solutions enable our clients to improve compliance and decision-making, reduce transaction costs and serve markets faster and more reliably. We have unique flexibility to meet importers and exporters wherever they are on the technology curve.
For decades, we’ve embraced process automation and systems integration as a means to compress lead times, drive down transactional costs and eliminate margin for error. Whether mapping to proprietary LMS systems, supporting global ERP implementations or interfacing with other supply chain stakeholders and portals, we’re focused on smarter, faster and more efficient.
We understand that data-wise decisions drive better business – and data proliferation is no stranger to global logistics and compliance. We place a premium on empowering our clients with access to trade, compliance and commercial data and flexibility in consumption and portability. Choose from a portfolio of business-critical KPIs for automated delivery, collaborate with our report design team to capture the nuances of your operation or utilize our powerful dynamic reporting portals to create your own dashboards.
CH Powell offers a true global tracking system with dock-to-dock visibility and advanced user tools including: intelligent search, drag and drop formatting, document management and live chat support. Track vessel arrivals in real-time and utilize event management tools for automated status messages for key milestones. Our tracking system is mobile-compatible so that your assets are always a click away.
Order Management
The Powell Automated Commercial Environment (PACE) provides importers and exporters with a web-based Purchase Order and Sales Order management solution, supporting both integrated and user-driven order initiation. Use PACE to monitor production updates, execute change orders, receive shipment and delivery notices and even outsource invoicing activities to CH Powell.
CH Powell’s Technology team features a diverse group of design and development specialists with extensive logistics and compliance expertise. In fact, the industry experience of our developers rivals that of our operations staff. From custom analytics and web development to global systems integration and mobile deployments, our Technology team has the acumen and agility to accelerate your supply chain.